Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa

Applications for 2013-2014 academic year

After its success during the first year, the new MA Program in Holocaust Studies is now entering its second year and offers a unique combination of a multidisciplinary academic program alongside opportunities for internships, study tours and rich extra-curricular activities, as well volunteering in Holocaust Survivors' communities in Israel.

The one-year International Master’s Program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa is dedicated to creating and nurturing a new generation of Holocaust researchers and educators.

We are also pleased to let you know that the two chief Holocaust museums and archives in Israel – Yad Vashem and The Ghetto Fighters House – have joined forces with us to become integral components of the program. This unique and one of a kind cooperation places our program as a leading force in Holocaust studies in Israel and the world.

The program aims at providing students with more than just an academic curriculum; it has been designed with the addition of exciting and challenging activities to spark the interest of the student and encourage personal development and dedication to the field of Holocaust research.

The program is unique in the well rounded interdisciplinary curriculum it offers, allowing the students to study the Holocaust from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives (history, social psychology, anthropology, genocide and international law, literature and more). It guarantees that the students will train in diverse methodologies and essential languages. The academic faculty consists of established as well as young scholars who have studied in the best Universities in Israel and abroad.


An internship program is offered to enrich the curriculum and prepare students for actual employment upon graduation. Available internships include: Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum Archives, Yad Vashem Museum and archives, The Hagana Archive, the Atlit Detainee Camp and more.

Volunteer Program with Holocaust Survivors

Students receiving scholarships are required to participate in the Holocaust Survivors Community Giving Project, in coordination with the International Hillel Foundation. Within this framework, students donate their time in a number of ways, including visiting Holocaust survivors in their homes, leading workshops, and organizing holiday celebrations for the survivors.

Study tours to archives in Israel, Poland and Germany

As part of the experiential learning, students participate in study tours throughout the academic year, going to relevant museums and sites throughout Israel. A week-long seminar in Yad Vashem and regular visits to the Ghetto Fighters' Museum provide students with the opportunity to implement their academic knowledge into real-life example, by seeing actual archives, historical records and documentation.

One of the highlights of the course is the study tour to Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. The study tour is designed to provide students with the opportunity to visit important historical archives, meet local German and Polish students and researchers, and visit important locations relevant to the study of the Holocaust.

Visit our web site for detailed information: http://holocaust-studies.haifa.ac.il