This is an ongoing forum, comprised of 15 advanced Ph.D. students (ABD) and recent Ph.D.s (before tenure-track appointments). It meets periodically and is intended to allow these young scholars an opportunity for cross-fertilization in their fields with their own peers and with an esteemed group of senior scholars led by Israel Bartal, Dan Diner, David Engel, Zvi Gitelman, Oleg Budnitskii, and Gabriella Safran. The Forum's faculty also includes scholars representing the organizing institutions: Jonathan Dekel-Chen and Semion Goldin from the Hebrew University; and, Simon Rabinovitch from Boston University. We invite candidates in all branches of the humanities and the social sciences connected to the study of East European Jewry.

The first session of the International Forum was held at the Dubnow Institute in Leipzig in July 2004. The second session was hosted by the Vilnius Center for the Study of the Culture and History of East European Jews in July 2005. The Institute of Jewish Studies at University College London hosted the third session of the Forum in July 2007. The fourth session was hosted by the Jewish Studies Program at Central European University (Budapest) in July 2009. Ukrainian Catholic University and the Institute for Historical Research, Lviv National University hosted our fifth session in June 2011. The Nevzlin Center at the Hebrew University serves as the Forum’s permanent headquarters.

Housing costs for the participants will be paid in full by the organizers of the Forum. Transportation for the participants will be paid up to $400 per ticket for the participants from North America and up to $300 for other participants. Funding for any additional transportation costs must be obtained by the participants from their home universities or from other sources.

Applications must include:
1.  Cover letter with exact contact details
2.  Updated CV
3.  Scanned transcript
4.  Publications list
5.  Description of current research (2-3 pages)
6.  Two letters of recommendation (to be sent directly to the Nevzlin Center by the  recommending scholars).

Those who participated in, or applied to, previous sessions of the Forum are welcome to reapply for the sixth session, but preference will be given to first-time participants.   

All application materials must be received at the Nevzlin Center no later than 13 January 2013.  

Applicants will be informed of the selection committee’s decision by the end of February 2013.

Please send all applications to the following address:

Further inquiries can be made at the Nevzlin Center:
Tel: + 972-2-5881959
Fax: +972-2-5881950