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Кафедра історії Національного університету «Києво-Могилянська академія» запрошує на публічну лекцію д-ра Сімоне Атілліо Белецца, професора Неаполітанського університету імені Федеріко ІІ (Італія), на тему: «Берег надій: до нової інтерпретації українського шістдесятництва». Авторський абстракт лекції подано нижче.

Лекція відбудеться: 20 жовтня о 17.00-19.00 на платформі Zoom.

Мова лекції: англійська; мови обговорення: англійська, українська

Модераторка: Наталя Шліхта

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Simone Attilio Bellezza

The Shore of Expectations: Towards a New Interpretation of the Ukrainian Shistdesiatnytstvo

The Ukrainian shistdesiatnytstvo has been commonly interpreted just as a phase in the longer history of the development of the Ukrainian movement of national liberation that would eventually lead to the achievement of independence in 1991. In this lecture I will present my research findings aiming at revising this interpretation by suggesting that the phenomenon of the Ukrainian national renaissance of the 1950s and 1960s cannot be properly understood outside of the Soviet culture that generated it and that the turn towards a more structured political movement for national liberation was not its only possible outcome.

Simone Attilio Bellezza is Assistant Professor of Modern History at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II. He wrote his PhD dissertation on the civil administration of the Generalbezirke Dnipropretrowsk during the Nazi occupation. His research on the Ukrainian shistdesiatnyky was published in the book The Shore of Expectations: A Cultural Study of the Shistdesiatnyky (CIUS Press, 2019), which was awarded the Pritsak Book Prize by the ASEEES. The fil rouge of all his work is the study of national belonging and its relationship with other kinds of loyalty (social, political, cultural, and religious). He is now working on two intertangled lines of research: one on the history of Ukrainian diaspora in the West during the Cold War and one on the importance of the Chernobyl accident as a caesura in political, cultural, and environmental history.