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Call for Proposals


under the newly established Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme. The goal of this Programme is to promote Ukraine abroad, participate in nuanced discourse about the country, and facilitate research on a broad variety of Ukrainian studies topics. All the Programmes of the Institute are designed to increase interest in Ukraine among international experts as well as the public.


The deadline to submit application is

12 July 2020.


Language(s): English / Ukrainian


Project proposals are invited from cultural, educational, and research centers and institutions in Europe and North America. Although the Ukrainian Institute welcomes the cooperation of these foreign centers and institutions with partner organizations in Ukraine, applications for the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme must be submitted only from abroad. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic and the sequestration of Ukraine’s state budget delayed the Ukrainian Institute’s announcement of the Programme. Thus, as an exception, this year the Programme will be able to support only short-term projects or projects that are in the final stages of implementation.


Please attach the following materials to the application (the forms can be found on the Programme website):

  • Application form. 
  • Charter (extract from the Charter or another document confirming the authority of the signatory of the applicant and their right to sign contracts) and registration documents of the applicant (scanned copies in PDF format). 
  • Project proposal. 
  • Information about similar projects.   
  • Letter of confirmation that an applicant possesses technical means and/or specialists for the implementation of the project (scanned copy of the signed letter in PDF format).   
  • Detailed budget of the project 
  • Signed form confirming that among founders and members of the applicant institution there no persons who are subject to economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) due to Ukrainian legislation (scanned copy of the signed document in PDF format) 



Institutions that operate in the cultural, educational, or scientific sphere outside of Ukraine (universities, think tanks, research centers, NGOs, and others) are eligible to apply. 


One applicant is allowed to submit no more than two applications. 


Project implementation must be completed by 30 November 2020. Reporting and outstanding payments are to be finalized by 31 December 2020; therefore, no extensions will be given past the end of November.


The budget of the project is a maximum of 10,000 euros (or UAH 300,000). Projects of a highly relevance that exceed the budget estimate can be considered by the Ukrainian Institute on a case-by-case basis. 

Budgets of the projects that won the competition will be commented on before signing the contract in order to determine the validity of costs of the services and their compliance with Ukrainian budget legislation. Payment will be made after the services are provided. The pre-payment may be considered on exclusive basis stemming from a particular project’s needs. 


The selected projects will be financed and supported from the state budget of Ukraine following the relevant procurement procedures by concluding a bilingual (Ukrainian and English) service agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and the selected applicant in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation in the form provided by the Ukrainian Institute.

More information about the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme, its first Call For Papers, and how to apply is available at:




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