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Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

History Department, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Місто: історія, культура, суспільство / City: History, Culture, Society

A biannual peer-reviewed journal is aimed at advancing urban studies, its institutionalization in Ukraine, as well as networking development with regard to the researchers specializing in urban studies in and outside Ukraine.

All papers are subject to rigorous peer (external anonymous, or double-blind) review. The authors are supposed to be ready for revision of their papers according to the comments and suggestions of the impartial reviewers and editors. The selection criteria for papers’ publication are based on accuracy, meeting the standards for a given discipline, appropriate academic quality, relevance to the journal’s guidelines, peers’ positive feedback.

Articles to be peer-reviewed should be submitted in English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

The Сity is set to publish surveys and reviews on the most significant books, including original sources, periodical publications, events, etc. in the urban studies area, with the special emphasis on the intellectual history of urban studies development; particularly, interviews with researchers, memoirs and recollections related to the academic community and urban studies development. The sources need to be supplied with a foreword and some comments. Reporting on public discussions and roundtables on the given issues are also welcome.

The City is published twice a year.

The Journal’s remit is as follows:

-         1. Theory and methodology of urban studies;

-         2. City and village: interactions and coexistence;

-         3. Urban economic history;

-         4. Social space and urban practices;

-         5. City people and urban authorities;

-         6. Mental images and city maps, symbolic geography of cities;

-         7. Material urban space. Urban history and cultural heritage;

-         8. Urban everyday life structures;

-         9. Urban anthropology (ethnography);

-         10. Reporting and records round tables and public discussions;

-         11. Publications of sources;

-         12. Reviews and announcements.


Papers for Issue #6 are due by October 15, 2018.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Automatic endnotes are acceptable if your article is submitted as a Word document; otherwise notes should be created manually.

2. Article length: up to 40,000 characters.

3. Formatting: Times New Roman, 14-pt font size, 1.5 line spacing. The author’s name in the right upper corner of the page, the article title centrally aligned.

4. Figures and illustrations should be provided as the TIFF or JPEG images at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

5. An author’s personal information should be submitted as a separate file (full name, academic degree, place of work, position, post address, e-mail address, contacts) in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

6. The article should be supplied with an annotation (up to 250 words in Ukrainian and Russian, and 500 words in English; key words included).

7. For references, please adhere to the British-Harward reference style.

Send manuscripts to editorial.mics@gmail.com

The opinions expressed in the research papers / articles in the City do not necessarily represent the views of the editor of the concerned journal.

The responsibility for the content provided in the articles published by the City is exclusively of the author(s) concerned.