Call for Papers “Student Perspectives on Urban History” Round-table at the 12th International Conference on Urban History ‘Cities in Europe, Cities in the World’ Lisbon, September 3-6, 2014  The student round-table was first held at the previous conference of the EAUH (European Association for Urban History, in Prague, 2012. It targets students who are currently writing their M.A. theses and recent graduates who are about to start or have just begun their PhD programmes, as well as senior academics. The session will provide insight into these two groups’ perspectives on urban history, allowing an exchange of ideas and experiences between beginning and more advanced urban historians. Students will have the chance to present their work-in-progress and receive feedback, while accomplished academics will have the opportunity to gain additional insight into recent trends in graduate-level urban history research in various countries. In accordance with the conference theme, preference will be given to papers or discussion statements that stress international and interdisciplinary approaches. Contributions to the round-table usually draw on a specific case study such as a thesis or research project, but focus on discussing wider methodological aspects, for example: * What is the value of urban history in a global urban world? * What methods and approaches are most fruitful for doing urban historical research? * What are the pitfalls of being (or becoming) an urban historian today?  The round-table will be co-organized by the EAUH and the International Students of History Association ( Founded in 1990, ISHA is an academic, non-profit organization of students of history and related sciences with members in more than twenty-five European countries. ISHA encourages international and interdisciplinary cooperation and also aims at expanding the dialogue between students and the rest of the scientific community.  Abstracts (deadline: October 15, 2013) need to be submitted online:  For further information, please contact:  Sven Mörsdorf ISHA Urban History Network  Dr. Shane Ewen Leeds Metropolitan University